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"Do světa" 2023

Due date: 25/09/23 - 29/09/23

Setting off abroad, our students joined in the project “Do světa!" 2023 under the South Moravian Region funding. This five-day trip to three of our foreign neighbours aimed at learning about professional skills, technological procedures and education in the field of optical industry and a modern optician.

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Published 12. 10. 2023 8:58

PRAGODENT International Dental Fair

Our school organised an excursion trip for all the dental programme students to the 29th annual of the PRAGODENT dental fair on October 12th, 2023 at the Exhibition Grounds in Prague

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Published 19. 10. 2023 8:19

Laureates 2023 - European Innovative Teaching Award

Laureates 2023 - European Innovative Teaching Award

The winners of this year EITA have been announced. EITA 2023 has awarded the best innovative projects under Erasmus+ in the field of school education and vocational education and training.

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Published 18. 10. 2023 10:40

Erasmus Days

Due date: 9/10/23 - 14/10/23

Our school is again participating in the European Erasmus Days celebrations this year!

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Published 11. 10. 2023 11:51

Erasmus internship

Due date: 19/05/23

As part of an Erasmus project, our school arranged an internship in a dental laboratory for a student from Slovenia.

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Published 22. 5. 2023 10:21

Looking for partner organizations (schools)

Due date: 14/11/22

We have received Erasmus accreditation and we are looking for partner organizations (schools) with medical fields of studies to plan activities in EU countries for the implementation of this project. Contact us: hmonzerova@ szsbrno.cz, aholub@szsbrno.cz

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Published 14. 11. 2022 10:00

Ústecký denT 2022

Due date: 7/06/22

A total of 13 schools and 26 contestants from the Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary were registered for the contest. The contestants faced the challenge of drawing a surface of the upper molar, and using wax to model three teeth standing next to each other. Our school was represented by Veronika Bystřická (DZT 1) and Eliška Kmeťová (AZT 4).

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Published 9. 11. 2022 13:43

Blood Donation through the Eyes of Children and Youth Contest

Due date: 17/03/21

Twenty entries by our students were sent to the second round of the Blood Donation through the Eyes of Children and Youth Contest. The aim of this contest is to promote blood donation among the young generation. Among the beautiful drawings and texts, we found poems and even one original rock song. We shall keep our fingers crossed and believe that the expert jdges might choose even within our representatives.

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Author: H. Hlaváček Published 19. 4. 2021 19:29

Video presentation Erasmus+

Due date: 17/12/20

Would you like to know what the three-month internship of the students in Italy and Spain looked like? Join the live event on the school website on 17 December at 3pm. You can also find out who can apply for the newly approved Erasmus+

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Author: Blanka Dočkalová Published 19. 4. 2021 19:23

Den otevřených dveří

Due date: 26/11/20

Aktualita Příjem přihlášek

Den oteřených dveří 26. 11. 2020 bude probíhat tentokrát on-line.Co Vám představíme:Informace o profilu absolventa v jednotlivých oborech, přijímacím řízení, o průběhu studia, odborné praxi, aktivitách oboru, zakončení studia, možnostech následného studia. Své dotazy můžete také psát na email: prijimacky@szsbrno.cz Více ...

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Author: Marcela Křiváková Published 19. 4. 2021 19:17

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den otevřených dveří (11–17 hodin) do 1. 3. 2020podání přihlášek ke vzdělávání
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