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Ústecký denT 2022

Due date:

This year, after a two-year break, the Ústecký Dent Contest was held again - a competition in modelling techniques. It is an international competition of dental technicians, not only in anatomical modelling, but also in drawing.
A total of 13 schools and 26 contestants from the Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary were registered for the contest.
The contestants faced the challenge of drawing a surface of the upper molar, and using wax to model three teeth standing next to each other.

Our school was represented by Veronika Bystřická (DZT 1) and Eliška Kmeťová (AZT 4).
The expert judges were representatives of sponsoring companies and the Chamber of Dental Technicians.

Our school achievements:
Schools drawing: 3rd place
Schools modelling: 2nd place
Schools total: 4th place

Thank you both for representing our school and wish you many more similar achievements.

26. 11. 2019
23. 1. 2020
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