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Erasmus+ Student internship continues in Italy and Austria.
Erasmus for teachers – the 2022 course in Ireland aims at language skills improvement of teachers, both in general and technical English.

When involved in the Erasmus+ project, the best students of each programme or course of our school take a month-long internship abroad, e.g. in Italy, Spain, and Germany. The internship is preceded by 40 hours of language and cultural training in English, Italian, Spanish or German.

Erasmus +

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26. 11. 2019
23. 1. 2020
den otevřených dveří (11–17 hodin) do 1. 3. 2020podání přihlášek ke vzdělávání
  • 14. 4. a 15. 4. 2020jednotná zkouška z českého jazyka a matematiky